Monster Money 5

Monster Money 5

A simulation program of a virtual poker games machine with a monster theme
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The Monster Money 5 slot or poker simulation game will give you the same challenges and fun as a traditional slot machine. The game is easy to install and when launched will automatically adjust your screen resolution for the best viewing whilst playing the game. The bright interface plays music as soon as you hit the spin button. There are 13 symbols featured in the Halloween themed game and a Gamble button is present as well as a Roulette Double Up button if you want to gamble your wins. A Paytable button featured, allows you to view your Monster Money symbol paylines and clicking the Bank Button will open your Game Statistics window and there are also tabs for the Game Options and Roulette Statistics windows. In Game Options you can control your sound, music, and graphics settings.

All of the symbols will pay on each active payline and the special Black Cat symbol is what's known as a scatter symbol, and that will pay in any position on any line if displayed. If 3 or more Black Cats appear, a special feature will be triggered of 15 free spins that pay at triple the normal rate. Additionally, during the Black Cat feature spins, and again, if 3 or more black cat scatter symbols are displayed, you will be awarded with five White Cat feature spins, automatically. While the White Cat feature is playing, all symbols will be replaced and cackling Lucky Witches will fly past the symbols displayed. Every time a Lucky Witch flies past a colored cat, during normal play too, there is a 33% chance that the cat will be changed into a wildcard symbol, awarding you massive plays when she finishes flying past all of the reels. The full edition of Monster Money 5 includes a 6-reel game and a Special Edition game; all with unlimited features wins and plays.

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  • Evaluation copy lasts 7 Days or 1000 spins
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